Admission to the Major

Qualification for admission to the physiology (PSIO) major involves fulfillment of several requirements including prerequisite coursework, a cumulative GPA of 2.250, a major GPA of 2.000 in PSIO courses, and completion of the Mid-Career Writing Assessment (MCWA).

The following prerequisite course work must be completed prior to applying for admission to the physiology major.

Prerequisite courses:

  • ENGL101 and ENGL102 or ENGL 109H

  • MATH122b or MATH125

  • CHEM 151, 152

  • PSIO201, 202 (Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in PSIO 201 & PSIO 202 before taking upper-division PSIO courses.)

Upon fulfillment of the admission criteria stated above, pre-major students must submit a formal application for admission to the physiology major.  Instructions for completing this application are available online or may be obtained from the departmental office:

Undergraduate Physiology Major Program
Ina Gittings Building, Room 101