Important Academic Policies and Forms

Preceptor FormsPreceptors are highly motivated students who are either concurrently enrolled in the course, or who have previously taken the course (or a similar course). They serve a unique role because they provide support both in and out of the classroom. Since they are often concurrently enrolled in the class, they do not serve as content experts. They function instead as student mentors and guides and as instructional assistants.

PSIO 201/202 Fall 2018 Preceptor Application

PSIO 380 Fall 2018 Preceptor Application

PSIO 420 Fall 2018 Preceptor Application

PSIO 425 Fall 2018 Preceptor Application

PSIO 431 Fall 2018 Preceptor Application

PSIO 452 Fall 2018 Preceptor Application

PSIO 467 Fall 2018 Preceptor Application

PSIO 485 Fall 2018 Preceptor Application

Independent Study Application and Honors Thesis Application

University Academic Policies and Forms

Student Responsibility (preface to the General Catalog)
"The General Catalog contains University-wide information and regulations that bear directly on completing a degree program.  Students are responsible for knowing and understanding the contents of the catalog they are following and are strongly encouraged to read the UA's student responsibility policy."
Academic Policies - General Catalog
The General Catalog includes a section that describes numerous university-wide academic policies and procedures.  These items are presented alphabetically.  Students are responsible for remaining currently informed about all policies.
Online Forms from the Office of the Registrar 
(NOTE:  Be sure to read the University Policy associated with each of the following forms.  Academic policies are stated in the current online General Catalog under the topic -- Academic Policies.
  • Application for Special Examination for Credit or Grade
  • Authorization for Release of Information
  • Change on Personal Information
  • Change of Schedule (Drop/Add) form
  • Leave of Absence
  • Parent Affidavit
  • Petition for Academic Renewal
  • Transcript Request
  • Transfer Pre-Approval
  • Traveling Scholar
Other Academic Policies and Forms
Advising Resource Center (forms available)