2018 Physiology Majors Interest Group (P-MIG) Conference

Friday, October 5, 2018


2018 Physiology Majors Interest Group (P-MIG) Conference

The University of Arizona Department of Physiology hosted the second annual Physiology Majors Interest Group (P-MIG) Conference in June. Dedicated to improving physiology undergraduate programs around the globe, the two-day conference held this year on the UA campus gathered more than 48 participants from national and international educational institutions.

While physiology is one of the most popular undergraduate programs at many schools, including the University of Arizona, the major does not yet have any formalized national guidelines or accreditation, said Claudia Stanescu, PhD, assistant professor at the UA Department of Physiology and a member of the P-MIG Leadership Committee.

 “The Physiology Majors Interest Group established the conference to generate national guidelines and reduce variability across physiology programs,” she said. “The conference serves as a starting point for collaboration among bachelor of science physiology programs to improve undergraduate education and best serve our students.”

The inaugural conference held last year at Michigan State University gave everyone a chance to share ideas on how to teach physiology to undergraduates and move forward on creating guidelines.

This year the group built on that foundation by forming two working groups for the 2018-19 academic year: core concepts and professional skills. “We are looking at core concepts that should be taught, as well as incorporating professional skills into the program,” Dr. Stanescu said. “Many students get jobs after graduation. Not all go to graduate school.”

Physiology graduates have a broad range of career opportunities, including employment in pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, professional sports organizations, hospitals, medical and biomedical research labs, and science education.

As the physiology major’s popularity increases, more colleges and universities are interested in developing their own programs. The conference will help to focus on physiology major outcomes, networking, and sharing knowledge and resources.

“We hope to present these new guidelines at the third annual meeting next spring at the University of Minnesota,” said Dr. Stanescu.

For more information, visit the P-MIG website: www.physiologymajors.org