Q&A with Guadalupe "Lupita" Ballesteros

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Guadalupe "Lupita" Ballesteros is from Douglas, Ariz., with a major in physiology and a minor in public health.

Why did you choose the University of Arizona?

The University of Arizona is close to my home in Douglas, Ariz., and is a university I have always aspired to be a part of. 

Why did you choose physiology as a major?

The physiology major started out as a wild guess for a major that best fit my interest in the field of medicine at the time. Nonetheless, I have chosen to stick with my major because my physiology courses have been the most challenging, but also the most rewarding courses I have taken. 

What are your plans beyond graduation?

After graduation, I plan to apply to medical school to reach my utmost career goal of becoming a pediatric emergency medicine physician.

How does your physiology major prepare you for your plans after graduation?

My physiology major has built and strengthened my knowledge of the human body – how it functions and how we apply this knowledge to a clinical setting. My physiology courses have prepared me to be a competitive applicant for medical school.

What do you recommend to a freshman who is coming to UA?

Never give up after your first failure. It will happen, many times, but those moments are the ones that teach you the most and solidify your reasons for pursuing your ideal career. You’ve got this!

How have you been involved on and off campus so far?

For more than half of my undergraduate career, I have volunteered at Clinica Amistad, a nonprofit clinic for uninsured citizens of Tucson. I also have been an undergraduate research assistant for the Nosotros research team under the UA College of Public Health. Recently, I joined the Global Medical Brigades Club and hope to travel to Honduras in Central America during spring break to serve their community in need.