Dr. Delamere Named President of the Association of Chairs of Departments of Physiology (ACDP)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nick Delamere, Head, Department of Physiology has been named president of the Association of Chairs of Departments of Physiology (ACDP)

  • The ACDP is an organization composed of chairs of departments whose faculty are involved in the research and teaching of physiology
  • ACDP members leads departments in medical schools, undergrad colleges, osteopathic schools, veterinary schools, and schools of dentistry
  • The association has worked with The American Physiological Society on three major projects: 1) Medical Physiology Core Learning Objective 2) Medical Physiology Course Directors website 3) Professional Skills Document for Trainees
  • Currently involved in a new project with the APS to develop Professional Skills Training courses
  • Each year ACDP organizes a 3-day retreat to discuss new research developments, public policy, government funding, teaching methods/resources, recruitment of faculty and trainees, and graduate/medical student education