Dr. Patricia B. Hoyer, Department of Physiology - recipient of two prestigious awards from the Society of Toxicology

Friday, March 15, 2013


Congratulations to Dr. Hoyer

Dr. Hoyer was awarded two presitigious awards by the Society of Toxicology this week.

The Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Specialty Section Lifetime Scientific Achievement Award
Annual award presented to an RDTSS member for lifetime achievement or for contribution of a particularly influential body of work to the field of reproductive and developmental toxicology.


Women in Toxicology Special Interest Group Mentoring Award
An important mission of WIT includes mentoring to support the career growth of women in toxicology and to guide young women considering careers in toxicology. This award is used to reward and encourage individuals who, by their outstanding roles as mentors, have made important contributions to women in the field of toxicology.

This award is given to an individual in academia, government, industry, or a related field who has been a major influence in the mentoring of women scientists entering the field of toxicology and/or whose leadership and service has provided career development opportunities for women toxicologists or encouraged women to achieve their professional goals.