Physiology Dept. represented in Canada at the International Motoneuron Society symposium

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Department of Physiology was well represented in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on June 15-19 at the biennial symposium of the prestigious International Motoneuron Society, where both fundamental and clinical aspects of motoneuron research were discussed and evaluated.  Professor Andrew Fuglevand presented a fundamental talk on learning by the mammalian spinal cord.  Two of his trainees, Brad Harwood (postdoctoral) and Hilary Wakefield (predoctoral; other advisors include Professor Ralph Fregosi) presented posters on a new method to record voluntary motor unit activity in the rat (Harwood) and on how developmental nicotine exposure alters motoneuron responses (Wakefield).  Regents’ Professor Emeritus Douglas Stuart presented the after-dinner address on a prominent Canadian neurologist/psychiatrist.