Dr. Meredith Hay Elected President of the American Physiological Society
Release Date: Mar 28 2019

Dr. Hay seeks to advance physiology’s brand and increase students’ awareness of physiology as a discipline.

UA Physiology Exhibit Explains Heart Health and Heart Disease at the Tucson Festival of Books Science City
Release Date: Mar 12 2019

The UA Department of Physiology and the UA Physiology Club participate in Science City again this year with an exhibit focusing on the Heart in Health and Disease.

Investigating the Mind-Body Dialogue
Release Date: Mar 5 2019

Everyone knows our brain controls our body, but how does our body influence our brain?

Reducing Rat Populations Through UA-invented Humane Fertility Control
Release Date: Mar 1 2019

While rats have been nibbling away in cities around the world, researchers at the University of Arizona were working on developing a non-reproductive rodent model for the study of menopause. In the College of Medicine – Tucson Department of Physiology, Dr. Patricia Hoyer’s research yielded a chemical formulation that provided humane, non-lethal rodent infertility.

The UA Department of Physiology Welcomes Two New Faculty Members
Release Date: Feb 14 2019

Joining the Department of Physiology are Paulo W. Pires, PhD, as assistant professor and Juliana Lessa Sacoman, PhD, as senior lecturer.

Physiology Professor Katalin Gothard to Present “Mind-Body Dialogue” Feb. 19 at College of Science’s Popular Lecture Series
Release Date: Jan 24 2019

Katalin, Gothard, MD, PhD, professor of physiology and neuroscience, is one of the featured speakers at the University of Arizona College of Science’s popular annual lecture series.

UA’s Dr. Ann Baldwin Honored with Humanitarian Heart Award
Release Date: Jan 23 2019

The professor of physiology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson was recognized by the HeartMath Institute for her teaching on mind-body balance and research on stress reduction and using equine therapy to promote the healing, enrichment and well-being of others

Physiology Student Homecoming King for 2018
Release Date: Dec 5 2018

Physiology major Ahmed Al-Shamari was crowned king at the 104th Homecoming on Friday.

Physiology Senior Tucson's 40 Under 40 Winner for 2018
Release Date: Dec 5 2018

Hailey Swanson is a senior at the University of Arizona Honors College class of 2019 in the Physiology Department.

It can be good to stray from swim, bike, run
Release Date: Oct 9 2018

Experts say switching sports and increasing exercise variety can help people become more three-dimensional athletes. "People often don't realize that rowing is such a good leg exercise, along with working your core and back," said Zoe Cohen, an assistant professor in the Department of Physiology at the UA.

Communication is key, for people and for cells
Release Date: Oct 8 2018

Physiology Professor Janis Burt's research lab examines how cells communicate with each other.

How One Email From You Could Help Students Succeed
Release Date: Aug 17 2018

A professor shares some promising results from sending a personalized message to students who failed her first exam — one example of the kin...

Dr. José Ek-Vitorín Interviewed on New AZPS Podcast Produced by John Kanady
Release Date: Jul 19 2018

For the inaugural episode of the Arizona Physiological Society Podcast Facets of Life, UA physiology faculy member John Kanady chats with fellow faculty member José Ek-Vitorín, MD, PhD, a research assistant professor in the Department of Physiology at the University of Arizona.

Small Changes, Large Rewards by Zoë Cohen, PhD
Release Date: Jul 18 2018

Zoë Cohen, PhD, assistant professor, UA Department of Physiology, writes in the online higher education newspaper "The EvoLLLution" about how reaching out to struggling students can make a difference. She is also featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education, "How One Email from You Could Help Students Succeed."

Meet Two of Our Department of Physiology 2018 Graduates!
Release Date: Jul 11 2018

Maya Lowney (Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree with a major in physiology) and Christie Rosputni (Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree with a major in physiology)

Physiology Faculty Interviewed for Arizona Science Friday Radio
Release Date: May 23 2018

Dr. Shaowen Bao, Associate Professor, Dr. Andy Fuglevand, Professor and Dr. Nick Delamere, Professor and Head from the Department of Physiology were all recently interviewed for Arizona Public Media'...

UA Health Sciences Colleges Convocations 2018: Meet Some of the Graduates
Release Date: May 7 2018

The accomplishments of some of the UA Health Sciences’ inspiring graduates are highlighted.

UA Health Sciences Colleges 2018 Convocations Details
Release Date: May 3 2018

More details about the ceremonies.

2 PSIO Undergrads Selected for 2018 Pillars of Excellence Award
Release Date: Apr 3 2018

Every year, the Honors College partners with the UA Bookstore to recognize outstanding undergraduates. This year 2 of the 10 honors students seleced for the award were Physiolgoy majors.

‘Let’s Talk About the Brain,’ Free Public Lecture, March 13
Release Date: Feb 27 2018

Explore the “universe” of the brain at an evening of TED Talk-style lectures featuring three University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson researchers discussing their work involving pain, autism and emotions. The lecture is in observance of Brain Awareness Week, March 12-18.

UA Startup ProNeurogen Advances New Therapies for Vascular Dementia, Announces Award of Patents for Intellectual Property
Release Date: Oct 26 2017

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded two patents to the UA based on the team’s novel approach to treating diseases causing memory loss and cognitive impairment.

Dr. Charles Tipton recognized by The American College of Sports Medicine
Release Date: Sep 13 2017

Charles Tipton, Emeritus Professor of Physiology, was recently recognized by The American College of Sports Medicine, with a symposium entitled ” Exercise is Medicine: Current insights from C. M....

Connect and Grow Through Faculty Learning Communities
Release Date: Aug 15 2017

When students want to do better in their classes, they very often form study groups. But where do faculty go when they want to become more effective teachers? One place is the UA Learning Initiative Faculty Learning Communities.

Unique Engagement Grant awarded to Dr. Zoe Cohen
Release Date: Jun 8 2017

An engagement grant that brings together the UA Physiology Club and the Stroke Resource Center of Southern Arizona has been funded for the 2017-2018 school year.The purpose of this project is to...

UA Health Sciences Convocations 2017: Meet Some of the Graduates
Release Date: May 9 2017

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