Stamp collection stolen in Tucson, Arizona, January 2001
from Timothy W. Secomb, phone 520-626-4513 (w);
Tucson Police Department case number 0101100146

Most stamps stored in black Vario stock sheets, with duplicates in manila stock pages in 3-ring binders (various colors), or in Lighthouse black page stock books (various colors). Stamps in Vario sheets labeled with SG numbers on small slips of paper, or by year of issue. All stamps USED unless otherwise indicated. Reward for information leading to recovery.

- Victoria - extensive - on Vario sheets
- about 15-20 half-lengths
- good woodblock issues
- 1897 Charity set mint (several copies of 1d)
- Other states - small collection - in Lighthouse stock book

AUSTRALIA - on Vario sheets and manila stock pages
- kangaroos to 1s (all watermarks)
- thereafter, fairly complete to 1996, some later

- QV and KE VII issues, KG V and KG VI commems in stock book
- Definitives KGV and later on Vario pages, including extensive Machin collection, duplicates on manila stock pages
- QE II commems on Vario pages - mint fairly complete through 1972, including some phosphors; used fairly complete 1971-1996, some more recent; duplicates on manila pages

- miscellaneous used in stock book - nothing valuable

- miscellaneous on manila pages in 3-ring binder
- no Australia, G.B., U.S., several pages of Canada

- The Stamps of Victoria by Geoff Kellow, signed "To Timothy" or similar by the author

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