Charles Tipton


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Before retiring, Tipton’s research interests were focused on using experimental animals (predominately rats) to investigate the mechanisms associated with endurance training and simulated weightlessness. Areas Included  bradycardia  and cholinergic aspects, spleen and cardiac mass, activity of mitochrondial enzymes, hormonal action, responses of connective tissue,  regulation of blood pressure, sympathetic  responses and maximal oxygen consumption. Of the human research, the emphasis was to minimizing the physiological consequences of “the making of weight” by scholastic and collegiate wrestlers.  Aspects and details can be gleamed by examining the subsequent curriculum vitae that follows.

After retiring, his research focus has been historical in nature with effort being devoted to the antiquity of exercise, exercise physiology, and to “exercise is medicine”. One result has been the emergence of a hypothesis that the origin of physiology began when ancient humans tried to understand and/or to explain the physiological consequences of disease.

Charles M. Tipton, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Physiology, has a recent publication entitled "The emergence of Applied Physiology within the discipline of Physiology" that was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology 121:401-414, 2016.

 Dr. Tipton's Curriculum Vitae (pdf)