Hilary Lease, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer, Physiology - (Educator Series Track)

Select Publications

Rey B, Fuller A, Hetem RS, Lease HM, Mitchell D, Meyer LCR. "Microchip transponder thermometry for monitoring core body temperature of antelope during capture." J. Therm. Biol.. 2016;55:47-53. PMID: 26724197
Murray IW, Lease HM, Hetem RS, Mitchell D, Fuller A, Woodborne S. "Stable isotope analysis of diet confirms niche separation of two sympatric species of Namib Desert lizard." Integr Zool. 2016;11(1):60-75. PMID: 26817923
Lease HM, Murray IW, Fuller A, Hetem RS. "Black wildebeest seek shade less and use solar orientation behavior more than do blue wildebeest." J. Therm. Biol.. 2014;45:150-6. PMID: 25436964