Physiology Peer Mentor Program


The Physiology Peer Mentor Program serves first-year students whose primary major is Physiology and Medical Sciences. The program aims to support the personal and academic growth and success of our first-year students during a critical time in their educational journey and provide Junior and Senior mentors the opportunity to engage in a professionally guided leadership experience that will add in-demand transferable skills to their academic and professional portfolios. 

Learn more about who this program serves and the opportunities to get involved below! 

Who are our mentees?

  • Starting with the Fall 2022 cohort, all first-year students will be offered the opportunity to match with a peer mentor. For most new first-year students, the sign up and matching process will happen between new student orientation in the summer and the beginning of fall classes. 
  • First-year students who join the major after the start of the fall term or who start during the spring term may still join the program. Information about joining will be sent to students directly through their official Catmail account soon after joining the major. 
  • Transfer students who start at the University after their first year may contact the Peer Mentor Program Coordinator directly if they are interested in this program. Transfer student participation may be considered based on program capacity and the availability of an appropriate mentor match. Transfer students are also encouraged to explore the opportunities and resources offered through the Transfer Student Center. 

Who are our mentors?

Mentors support the first-year experience of their mentees through proactive and guided connection with the campus and college community. Mentors support academic success and personal growth and assist with the transition to college life. Additionally, this program gives mentors the opportunity to engage in leadership training and professional skill growth throughout their tenure as a mentor, facilitated by the Peer Mentor Program Coordinator and our experienced Peer Mentor Program Student Leaders.

  • Our mentors are active Physiology and Medical Sciences students who are in Advanced Standing status and in their Junior or Senior year.
  • Mentors must have a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA.
  • The competitive mentor application and interview process begins early in the spring semester of each academic year. Students will be notified by email when applications open. Typically, the application requires that students submit a resume, one reference, and answer a series of questions. Application reviews and interviews are led by program staff and graduating student peer mentor leaders. 
  • Mentors are expected to uphold strict confidentiality and be reliable stewards of department and University values and commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • Mentors typically serve at least five mentees each academic year. Mentors and Mentees complete intake surveys to help facilitate mentee and mentor matches.
  • Mentors and Peer Mentor Student Leaders have the opportunity to earn academic credit that applies to their PSIOM degree. 

Peer mentor student leadership roles

Experienced peer mentors who have served at least one academic year as a peer mentor will be given the opportunity to apply for leadership positions. Students in these positions lead activities related to program engagement and events, recruitment, training, and more. Peer Mentor Student Leaders act as mentors to our mentors and help the program operate and grow. Peer Mentor Student Leaders are directly supervised and coached by the Physiology Peer Mentor Program Coordinator during their tenure in their leadership role. 

Peer mentor application for 2023/24 Academic Year - LIVE NOW!

The application to become a peer mentor is live now and will close March 3, 2023. Your class standing at the begining of the Fall 2023 term must be Junior or Senior to be a Physiology Peer Mentor. Apply here now!


Professional program leadership

The Peer Mentor Program leadership is provided through a collaboration between Physiology faculty, advisors, and Peer Mentor Student Leaders. These leaders oversee the development and implentation of ongoing mentor training that prepares our students to provide excellent guidance to our new students, facilitate the activities included in the for-credit portion of the mentor and student leader experience, and serve as the primary contact for students participating in the program or our mentors. 


If you have questions about the Physiology Peer Mentor program, please email Matt Lujan, instructor for the Peer Mentor internship course at