Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology

Faculty in this Research Group

Cardio-respiratory interactions Autonomic regulation of the vasculature Obstructive sleep apnea Respiration related regulation of upper airway musculature

Renal and neural mechanisms mediating cardiovascular health and disease; Autonomic regulation of renal function; Peripheral sensory nerve activity and interaction with immune mediators

Cell-Cell communication in airway epithelium; Pathogen-Host interaction in the airway; Arsenic effects on the airway epithelium; Wound repair of the airway epithelium.

Neural control of respiratory muscles; control of breathing during sleep; influence of prenatal nicotine exposure on the respiratory control system.

Biophysical and cellular mechanisms underlying neurotransmitter modulation of sympathetic outflow and ultimately arterial blood pressure.

Microscopic imaging and spectroscopy; metabolism and stimulus-response coupling in muscle and insulin-secreting cells.

Mathematical aspects of microcirculation and blood rheology; physiological fluid mechanics.