Faculty in this Research Group

Cardio-respiratory interactions Autonomic regulation of the vasculature Obstructive sleep apnea Respiration related regulation of upper airway musculature

Renal and neural mechanisms mediating cardiovascular health and disease; Autonomic regulation of renal function; Peripheral sensory nerve activity and interaction with immune mediators

Shaowen Bao, PhD

Auditory development, perception, learning and disorders.

Neurophysiology, visual processing, synaptic physiology, diabetes, inhibition.

Neural control of respiratory muscles; control of breathing during sleep; influence of prenatal nicotine exposure on the respiratory control system.

Sensorimotor neurophysiology, motor control, neuroprosthetics.

The neural basis of emotion and social behavior.

Microscopic imaging and spectroscopy; metabolism and stimulus-response coupling in muscle and insulin-secreting cells.