Faculty in this Research Group

Name Research Interests Summary Bio5 Links Links
Anne E. (Betty) Atwater, PhD Biomechanical analysis of human movement.
E. Fiona Bailey Respiration related regulation of the upper airway musculature Cardio-respiratory interactions Sleep disordered breathing Techniques for detecting respiratory stability Fiona Bailey Lab Photos
Ann Baldwin, PhD Effects of environmental stress on animal physiology and behavior; Efficacy of energy healing in changing physiological measures; Use of Biofeedback with Parkinsons' patients, athletes and children.
Shaowen Bao Auditory development, perception, learning and disorders.
Erika D Eggers, PhD Neurophysiology, visual processing, synaptic physiology, inhibition. Erika Eggers Research Posters and Lab Photos
Ralph F Fregosi Neural control of respiratory muscles; control of breathing during sleep; influence of prenatal nicotine exposure on the respiratory control system. Ralph Fregosi Lab Photos
Andrew J Fuglevand, PhD Sensorimotor neurophysiology, motor control, neuroprosthetics.
Katalin M Gothard The neural basis of emotion and social behavior. Gothard Website
Raphael Gruener 2007: Promoting biotechnology issues in Arizona (laboratory closed down 2006)
Gail Koshland Neural control of multi-joint movements.
Ronald M Lynch Microscopic imaging and spectroscopy; metabolism and stimulus-response coupling in muscle and insulin-secreting cells.
Douglas Stuart 1959-2006 experimental research was largely on the properties of the segmental motor control system (motoneurons, motor units, muscle receptors, and their central actions).