Renal and Transport Physiology

Faculty in this Research Group

Name Research Interests Summary Bio5 Links Links
Eldon Braun, PhD Comparative renal physiology; Avian renal physiology; Type II diabetes.
Heddwen L. Brooks, PhD Sex differences in T cell mediated hypertension, role of estrogen in development of postmenopausal hypertension
Janis Burt, PhD Gap-junction channel function and regulation; mechanistic basis for contribution of gap junctions to 1) controlled cell proliferation and 2) coordinated function of the heart and blood vessels in health and disease states. Janis Burt Lab Photos
William H. Dantzler Comparative renal physiology; tubular transport of organic cations and anions; integrated structure and function of mammalian renal inner medulla.
Nicholas A Delamere, PhD Na,K-ATPase regulation and control of aqueous humor secretion; role of Na,K-ATPase alpha 2 isoform in optic nerve astrocytes, Src kinase effects on lens Na,K-ATPase. Delamere Lab Photos
Raphael Gruener 2007: Promoting biotechnology issues in Arizona (laboratory closed down 2006)
Ronald M Lynch Microscopic imaging and spectroscopy; metabolism and stimulus-response coupling in muscle and insulin-secreting cells.
Thomas L Pannabecker Renal physiology and anatomy; comparative renal physiology; the urine concentrating mechanism; cellular and molecular mechanisms of membrane transport Pannabecker Research Photos
Alex Simon DCC In vivo functions of gap-junction intercellular channels.
Stephen H Wright Molecular and cellular physiology of membrane transport.