The Physiology and Medical Sciences Minor

If you would like to add the Physiology and Medical Sciences minor, please complete the Physiology and Medical Sciences Minor Declaration form.

  • Note: Admission into the minor does not guarantee entry into Physiology courses as course registration depends on meeting course pre-requisites and course availability.
  • Students selecting the Physiology and Medical Sciences minor must earn a grade of “C” or better in PSIO 201 and PSIO 202 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II) before taking upper-division PSIO courses.
  • Minor GPA: 2.000 minimum. Nine upper division units are required for this minor.
  • Double dipping policy requires the minor to have unique units that are not used to satisfy any other major or minor. Contact your advisor for guidance if your major requires PSIO 201 & 202.
1. Select from the four core courses:
            PSIO 201 and  PSIO 202
            PSIO 303 or PSIO 305 
                      (Course Requisites: CHEM 151, CHEM 152, Math 122B (Calc I) or MATH 119A, PSIO 201 and PSIO 202)
2. Select three courses for remaining units:                                          
            PSIO 404, 411, 420, 425, 426. 427, 431, 450, 452, 465, 467, 469, 472, 484, 485, 487, 489, PSIO 497A