Priority Registration Help

Priority Registration Advising

Priority registration, the time during which you enroll in your next set of classes, takes place once each semester (typically in November and April). It is your responsibility to plan and enroll in your next set of courses, but we’re here to help! We specifically developed this priority registration page to provide you with the knowledge and resources to plan and enroll on your own, but it can also be used to help you prepare for an advising appointment.

While it’s not mandatory for most students to meet with an Academic Advisor during your registration window, you’re welcome to schedule an appointment if you need additional guidance. During this time, the Physiology Academic Advisors see students by scheduled appointment only to support as many people as possible, so there are no drop-in times offered. Please check your Advisor’s availability for appointments using Trellis Advise.

How to prepare:

  • Review this helpful resource all about priority registration from the Registrar
  • READ all of the latest emails sent from the Physiology advising team
  • Review the numerous reminders and tips on this page
  • Review your advisement report in your UAccess Student Center and your PSIO four year plan and curriculum guide to get ideas about courses you should take next 
  • Add classes to your shopping cart! Adding classes to your shopping does not guarantee class availability, so plan to have some back up classes in mind. Check out the class search and registration video tutorials. If you don't get your first choice for a class on your registration date, don't panic! Once your enrollment opens, you can adjust your schedule through the first day of classes.
  • If you would benefit from meeting with your Academic Advisor, be sure to schedule an appointment as early as possible and not wait until your registration date to do so! To get the most out of your appointment, you should have the courses you’re planning to take ready to go, as well as a list of questions you have.

Tips for Physiology & Medical Sciences Students

How can I enroll in upper-division PSIO courses?  

You must have the pre-req courses completed for the courses you wish to take. For 303 and 305 this would include (CHEM 151 &152 or their equivalent, Math 119A, 122B, 124 or 125, and PSIO 201 and 202 with a grade of C or higher). For most other UD PSIO courses the pre-reqs are PSIO 201 and 202 with a C or higher unless otherwise noted. The pre-req course must be completed at UA and on your course history OR have been completed at another institution and transfered to UA and be showing up on your transfer credit report in order for the system to recognize the pre-req as complete and allow you to register. This means that if you've taken courses elsewhere you need to submit your official transcripts as soon as possible and well in advance of priority registration. See links below on how to send transcripts to UA. 

A note about waitlists and department consent

Some Physiology classes may fill up quickly and may have waitlists. During the registration process you'll have the opportunity to designate whether you want to be added to the online waitlist if the class seats are full. On slide seven of this enrollment tutorial you can see an example of where the "add me to the waitlist if class is full" checkbox will show up during the registration process in your UACCESS student center. Make sure to check that box if you would like to be added to the class waitlist if the seats are full. 

Some PSIO courses may give you a message that you need "department consent" to enroll. Don’t panic if you receive this message on your registration date; just contact our Program Coordinator, Bertha – at to discuss your enrollment options. When emailing Bertha, please include your full name, student ID number, and let her know that you’re a PSIO student along with the details of the courses you’re trying to add. This information helps her know who you are and can speed up the process. 

If you see the department consent message on courses offered by other departments, you need to reach out to an Academic Advisor from that department for help. The Advising Resource Center provides contact information for the different Academic Advisors in each department. Bertha can only help you with enrollment options for PSIO courses.

Physiology & Medical Sciences course options & policies

  • List of current PSIOM courses
  • Current curriculum guides and four-year plans
  • To add Honors Thesis (PSIO 498H): Submit Honors Prospectus, then you'll follow the instructions below to fill out the independent study form
  • To add Independent study or Honors Thesis (PSIO 399/499/498H etc.):
    • Read and follow instructions on the form. You will need to submit an IS form for each semester to earn all 6 units of PSIO 498H.
    • There are multiple steps to complete and turn in an independent study form, including getting signatures from your project advisor or faculty person, your academic advisor, and our program director. You should start the process filling out this form early so that you can turn it in by the first Friday of the first week of classes to avoid any delays in the processing of your application. This may help avoid any fees or W’s, and help get units on your schedule in a timely manner for scholarship or financial aid. The Independent study form can be turned into your advisor by email with signatures or you can drop it by our office in the Ina Gittings building. 

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