Important Academic Policies and Forms

Academic Policies and Forms

Academic eligibility is the ability to enroll in courses at the University of Arizona; it is automatically calculated at the end of each fall and spring semester. The policy is designed to help undergraduates stay on track for degree completion at the University of Arizona. Learn more about Academic Eligibility here.

In addition to the University policies regarding academic eligibility, the Physiology Undergraduate Program enforces the following policies related to academic eligibility and GPA to ensure our students stay on track towards a timely graduation and find an academic home that is best suited to achieving their goals.

1. Physiology Academic Probation Policy: Should a Physiology student have a GPA under 2.0 and move into Probation in the University of Arizona academic eligibility policy and their number of “B” grades needed to get back to a 2.0 is 18 units or more, the student will be subject to a required program change to the University of Arizona A-Center.

2. Physiology Academic Warning Expectations: Physiology students on Academic Warning in the University of Arizona academic eligibility policy will be expected to participate in organized intervention activities and academic advising activities designed to facilitate academic skills growth and GPA improvement. Students will receive more information about these expectations before and during their warning semester.

3. Major GPA Requirement: Physiology students are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA in their Physiology major course work in order to graduate. Your advisement report in your UACCESS student center has a dedicated section related to major GPA; you should check this area and meet with your Academic Advisor regularly to understand where you stand related to your major GPA. After grades are posted each fall and spring semester, a review of all Physiology student major GPA’s is completed. If a Physiology student is found to have a major GPA under a 2.0 and the number of “B” grades needed to get back to a 2.0 major GPA is more than 10 units, the student will be subject to a required program change to the University of Arizona A-Center.

Understanding where you stand

We are here to support you. Please connect with your Academic Advisor if you would like to discuss these policies and understand where you stand. There are many reasons students enter the academic eligibility probation process. If you are on probation or academic warning, you should know that you are not alone in experiencing difficulties. The policies described on this page are intended to help students identify the factors that are relevant to them and support each student in addressing them.

The Advising Resource Center site also has tools that can help you calculate your target GPA and make a plan. The Target GPA Calculator determines how many units of A or B grades are needed to achieve a target GPA. To find out how many "Units Taken Towards GPA" and total "Total Grade Points" earned, visit UAccess and request an unofficial transcript.

Preceptor and Independent Study Forms

Physiology Preceptors are highly motivated students who have previously taken the course. They serve a unique role because they provide support both in and out of the classroom. They typically function as student mentors, guides and as instructional assistants. You can find forms below for each class seeking preceptors in our major. 

Fall 2023

PSIO 201 and 202

PSIO 420

PSIO 431

PSIO 467

PSIO 485

General Independent Study Form

PSIO General Independent Study Form



​General Petition (Gittings 101)

Undergraduate students majoring in Physiology and Medical Sciences may petition the University General Petitions Committee for relief if they believe they deserve redress or exception to university rules, regulations, or policies regarding academic affairs. Click here for more information on the general petition process.

Students filing a general petition for extenuating circumstances (non-medical and non-discrimination cases only) can obtain the forms in the College of Medicine Physiology Department in Gittings Bldg. Room 101.

Students have one year to file their petition.

Petitions are collected until the last official day of classes (not finals) for the term. After this deadline, students may still submit petitions, but must wait until the next semester for it to undergo review. There is no exception to the one-year deadline.


College of Medicine, Physiology Department
Ina E. Gittings Building, Room 101
1713 E. University Blvd.
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0093

Change of Schedule (drop/add classes)

Use a Change of Schedule form to drop or add classes when UAccess is no longer is available for those changes or contact Bertha Corrales, Physiology Program Coordinator at to register if within the deadline.

  • Refer to the registration dates and deadlines that determine when schedule changes are allowed. Note that 5-week courses, 7-week courses, dynamically-dated courses or those with non-standard start and end dates have different deadlines for adding and dropping.
  • For regular term courses, withdrawals filed before the first deadline (at the end of the 2nd week of classes) will result in the course being deleted from the student's permanent record and no "W" grade will be assessed.
  • For course withdrawals filed between the first and second withdrawal deadlines (between the 2nd and 10th week of classes) the grade of "W" is awarded.
  • After the second withdrawal deadline (between the 10th and 13th week of classes), students must have an extraordinary reason for not being able to complete the course, and it must be approved by the student's college dean via Late Change Petition. Students requesting to drop one or more classes (but not to drop to 0 units) after the 10th week MUST file a late change petition.

​Late Change Petitions

Drop/add classes between weeks 10-13 of the regular academic term or when UAccess becomes unavailable for registration changes. 

  1. If you want to withdraw from a single class after the deadline please use the online process.
  2. Complete Withdrawal: Students who want to drop all classes for the term (withdraw to zero units), you need to submit a Complete Withdrawal.

​Online Forms

Online Forms from the Office of the Registrar 

(NOTE: Be sure to read the University Policy associated with each of the following forms, found in the current online General Catalog under the topic -- Academic Policies.

  • Application for Special Examination for Credit or Grade
  • Authorization for Release of Information
  • Change on Personal Information
  • Change of Schedule (Drop/Add) Form
  • Leave of Absence
  • Parent Affidavit
  • Petition for Academic Renewal
  • Transcript Request
  • Transfer Pre-Approval
  • Traveling Scholar

General Catalog

The General Catalog includes a section that describes numerous university-wide academic policies and procedures. These items are presented alphabetically. Students are responsible for remaining informed about all policies.