Support the Department of Physiology


The Department of Physiology is fortunate to have many friends who care. Our supporters, many of whom are alumni, feel passionately about the research we do in areas such as sleep apnea, diabetes, neurological disorders, heart disease and vision loss. Others want us to continue teaching physiology to under-represented groups who otherwise may never consider a career in science or the health professions. These are difficult times when deep budget cuts have severely limited the Department’s abilities.  We desperately need your support. Please consider making a donation, small or astronomically enormous, through the link (below) to the University of Arizona Foundation.

You can also show your support by telling friends and colleagues about the Department of Physiology. Consider letting your local high school know the educational opportunities we offer. Even think about contacting your US Senators, US congressman and State Representatives to explain the need for expanded research funding for studies on the physiology of human disease.

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