• Reconnecting the Disconnected: UA Physiology Professor Receives $1.2M NIH Grant to Use AI to Restore Movement in Paralyzed Limbs

    When a person is paralyzed by a stroke or an injury, the brain and the neuron networks that control movement become disconnected from the muscles. Dr. Andrew Fuglevand is using artificial intelligence to stimulate multiple muscles to elicit natural movement in ways previous methods have been unable to do.

  • UA Physiology Researcher Continues Studies on Nicotine Exposure During Pregnancy with $1.9 Million NIH Grant

    Although the numbers of nicotine patch and electronic cigarette users during pregnancy are increasing, new research suggests the use of nicotine-replacement therapy is an unsafe alternative to cigarettes. This five-year NIH grant will allow UA physiology researcher Dr. Ralph Fregosi to continue his studies on the short- and long-term developmental risks of nicotine exposure to pre- and post-natal health.

  • How One Email From You Could Help Students Succeed

    In this reprinted article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, the UA's Zoe Cohen explains how her use of email "nudges" – personalized messages that encouraged students who performed poorly on an exam – led to better grades.


Welcome from the Department Head

Welcome to the Department of Physiology at the University of Arizona. We offer and participate in courses and programs for undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. The Physiology major is one of the most popular choices for UA undergraduates, and is the only undergraduate major offered through the College of Medicine. Our research laboratories are known for groundbreaking discoveries, as well as for training the next generation of research scientists and health-care professionals.

Nicholas A Delamere, PhD, Department Head

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Ann Baldwin Honored with Humanitarian Heart Award

Physiology Professor Ann Baldwin, PhD, received the 2018 Humanitarian Heart Award from the Institute of HeartMath in recognition of her work toward the healing, enrichment and well-being of others.


Physiology student benefits from Laura and Arch Brown scholarship

Physiology major Julia Valgento, recipient of the Laura and Arch Brown Scholarship, is one of the students featured in the video "Wildcats give back: President Robbins' perspective.

Student Spotlight

Q&A with Guadalupe "Lupita" Ballesteros

Guadalupe "Lupita" Ballesteros, from Douglas, Ariz., is majoring in physiology with a minor in public health.

Recent News

Physiology Student Homecoming King for 2018
Dec 5 2018

Physiology major Ahmed Al-Shamari was crowned king at the 104th Homecoming on Friday.

Physiology Senior Tucson's 40 Under 40 Winner for 2018
Dec 5 2018

Hailey Swanson is a senior at the University of Arizona Honors College class of 2019 in the Physiology Department.

It can be good to stray from swim, bike, run
Oct 9 2018

Experts say switching sports and increasing exercise variety can help people become more three-dimensional athletes. "People often don't realize that rowing is such a good leg exercise, along with working your core and back," said Zoe Cohen, an assistant professor in the Department of Physiology at the UA.