Advancing science and improving health through innovative and translational research

The Department has a broad and robust research portfolio and is highly ranked among physiology departments in the US. 

The Department provides outstanding scientific platforms with active research being conducted in human subjects, non-human primates, rodent models, and human induced pluripotent stem cells.  Department faculty possess leading expertise in cutting-edge approaches ranging from multi-omics and big data analysis to imaging, electrophysiology, and tissue and whole organism physiology. 

Research Programs

The Department of Physiology houses several programs that serve as incubators for research development and collaboration across the university and beyond. 

The Department is committed to supporting its faculty members to lead or participate in large-scale, team-science, programmatic research that addresses major challenges in biological, biomedical, and medical sciences. 

Research Areas

Faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Physiology are engaged in groundbreaking studies of the physiology and pathophysiology of cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, renal, endocrine, metabolic, reproductive, visual, and other systems. 

The faculty in the Department collaborate with investigators from across the university and the world.  Ample opportunities exist for interaction with other investigators through participation in numerous institutes and centers at the College of Medicine, UA Health Sciences, and the university.